Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Achievements 4 Apps Coming Soon

It has been quite some time since I have released any Achievements 4 android apps. The main reason for this has been due to a constant stream of take down notices from companies such as EA and Microsoft. 

Even though I don't use any of their logos or graphics and clearly state everything is unofficial, apps keep getting removed from the Play Store. My advice to anyone thinking of doing apps around video games, is to be prepared to have apps removed from the Play Store. Generally you find your apps are removed along with a number of other listings. Just mentioning the name of the game, for example Halo will get it removed from Google Play.

Anyway, I am giving it another go as the apps might be simple but they seem to help a few people out so I will keep on making them. Plus they are all free, so its a win win situation.

The next app I plan to release is for The Witcher 3

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