Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Upcoming Games - Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L Gameplay Trailer

Fallout 4 is released next move (10th November to be precise) and Bethesda have released the final trailer in the in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L series of videos. The trailer this time covers the luck skill. 

You can watch the video below

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Upcoming Games - Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

Can't remember hearing about this game before (apparently it was announced in December 2014) anyway, Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is due to be released on January 29th 2016.

According to Milestone (developer and publisher) the game will have 300km of roads and over 50 cars...sounds good. Announcement video is below.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Metal Gear Solid Online 3000GP Free from Konami

As compensation for some of the issues with Metal Gear Solid Online, Konami has given 3000GP to all player and extended from 2 weeks to 3 weeks the XP Boost Bonus for those with the code from the Day One Edition or that was included in the digital version.

Not really played the online part much but the main game is well worth playing. I am sure most of the online issues and some of the achievement glitches will be fixed before Konami gives up support on MGS to concentrate on PES /sigh

You can buy Metal Gear Solid from Amazon

Upcoming DLC - Lowriders for Grand Theft Auto Online

Lowriders for Grand Theft Auto Online will be released next week. It will offer a number of new customisation options which include...
  • Benny's Original Motor Works, a new custom shop in down-town Strawberry. You can access up Benny's website via the in-game phone, choose from 6 customisable rides and then take them to shop to upgrade them
  • Engine block covers
  • Air Filters
  • Interiors (leather, velour, pattern coated)
  • Custom colours
  • Designs for dials
  • New steering wheels
  • Gear shift levers
  • Hydraulic pumps (bounce..bounce)
  • Speakers and Subs for the car sound system
The DLC will also offer...

  • A number of new Lamar missions.
  • A Machine Pistol and Machete available from Ammu-Nation. 
  • You are now be able to buy a fourth property
  • New clothing
  • New hair styles
  • 3 new Adversary Modes
So all in all a fair bit is included

You can buy Grand Theft Auto V from Amazon

Upcoming DLC - Dying Light The Following

Techland have revealed that Dying Light The Following will be released in the first quarter of 2016. The expansion was first announced at Gamescom 2015. Some of the features it will include are
  • A customisable dirt buggy
  • A new story
  • A vast countryside map
  • and I assume a lot more
You can watch a video of the release date announcement below

You can order Dying Light from Amazon

Achievements 4 Resident Evil 0 HD

The 47 achievements for Resident Evil 0 HD are as follows. A total of 1000 gamer points are available. The game is due out in January 2016

S is for s.t.a.r.s.
Finish the game with rank s. 
From zero to hero
Finish the game on hard difficulty. 
Who's got the herb?
Finish the game without combining herbs. 
Save your prayers
Finish the game without saving. 
Allergic to first aid spray
Finish the game without using a first-aid spray. 
This is serious business
Finish the game without using a recovery item (including green chemicals). 
Zero in
Defeat an enemy with a critical-hit headshot. 
Burned alive
Defeat an enemy by burning them. 
Dead dead deadski
Defeat a zombie by stomping on them. 
This is how you recycle
Create a molotov cocktail. 
Fashion plate
Change into a costume. 
Here i come to save the day
Attack an enemy to save your partner who is grappling with that enemy. 
Guns are too quick
Defeat an enemy with a knife. 
Misdirected hostility
Destroy a zombie's legs. 
Read all files. 
Apprentice of unlocking
Obtain all keys and use them all. 
Find time to combine
Combine every type of herb with each other. 
I could shoot you know 
Obtain all weapons. 
I'm a medic not a bodybuilder
Try to push something heavy with rebecca.  
Train complete
Complete the train.  
Training facility complete
Complete the training facility. 
Laboratory complete
Complete the laboratory.  
Factory complete
Complete the factory.  
Treatment plant complete
Complete the treatment plant.  
Taking the sting out
Defeat stinger. 
Centurion disciplinarian
Defeat centurion.  
Die devil bird!
Defeat infected bat.  
Proto tyrant down
Fight off the proto tyrant.  
Proto tyrant down again
Defeat the proto tyrant.  
Hey queenie! feast on this!
Defeat queen leech.  
That's officer chambers to you
Defeat all bosses except centurion using rebecca.  
Shoot down a hunter or an eliminator while they are jump attacking in the air. 
Sit boy sit! good dog
Break free of a cerberus while they are biting you or trying to push you down. 
Custom to bust 'em
Create a custom handgun. 
Green is the color
Use a green chemical. 
How 'bout a light bud?
Defeat mimicry marcus with a molotov cocktail or a napalm grenade. 
I have the touch
Defeat mimicry marcus for the first time only using a knife.  
Winged spawn of satan
Defeat 16 bats in the church. 
Welcome to team wesker
Put on team wesker costume.  
Calm the zombie nerves
Play the piano using rebecca.  
On leather wings
Get picked up by the infected bat. 
Trying out new things
Play leech hunter.  
A weird interest in leeches
Finish leech hunter with rank a.  
Leech-shaped hole in my heart
Finish leech hunter with rank e or above.  
Who needs partners?
Collect all of only one color of leech charms.  
Distracted from the hunt
Defeat all enemies in leech hunter. 
20/20 vision

Kill 50 enemies with the death stare at full charge.  

You can order Resident Evil 0 HD from Amazon

Achievements 4 Halo 5 : Guardians

The 65 Achievements for Halo 5 : Guardians have been released and are as follows. A total of 1000 gamer points are available. Halo 5 :Guardians is out on the 27th October 2015

A New Dawn
Complete Mission 14.
All for One
Complete every co
Argent Moon
Complete Mission 2.
Spectate a game.
Complete Mission 10.
Bringing in the Big Guns
Call in a REQ that costs 5 Energy or more.
Castle Crasher
Complete 5 Stronghold matchmade games.
Civil War
Complete Mission 12.
Conspiracy Theory
Find and claim one piece of Intel.
Cry Havoc
Complete 3 Warzone matchmade games.
Death from Above
Kill a Grunt and smash a grate with a Ground Pound in Battle of Sunaion.
Double Stuff
Simultaneously destroy 2 cores in Guardians on Heroic difficulty.
Emergency Boarding Procedures
Escape the doomed Kraken by jumping onto a Phaeton piloted by a Spartan.
Enemy of my Enemy
Help the Elite General charge the hill in Osiris on Heroic difficulty.
Complete Mission 6.
Fire Drill
Finish Evacuation within 18:00 without dying on Heroic difficulty.
Flag Monger
Complete 5 Capture the Flag matchmade games.
Forging a Legend
Complete every Mission of the game on Legendary difficulty.
Create and save a Custom Game Type in War Games.
Complete Mission 3.
Go for the Gold
Open a Gold REQ Pack
Going the Distance
Complete Glassed without entering a vehicle.
Find and claim a Skull.
Find and claim all Skulls.
Complete The Breaking on Legendary difficulty without the entire fireteam dying.
Heroes Rise
Complete every Mission of the game on Heroic difficulty.
Hunt the Truth
Find and claim all Intel.
I Thought I'd Lost You
Escape the Hunters in the lab and fight them in the hangar in Blue Team.
Icy Cool
Ground Pound an exterior power core in Guardians on Heroic difficulty.
Into the Fire
Complete Mission 1.
Kraken Lackin'
Complete Enemy Lines without destroying a Kraken turret.
Complete every Mission of the game on Normal difficulty.
Lone Wolf
Complete every Mission of the game on Legendary difficulty, by yourself.
Make Your Mark
Change your Service Tag in the Spartan ID card.
Team up in a vehicle to kill 30 enemies in Unconfirmed co
My Rules
Complete any Mission on Heroic with 3+ Skulls active.
No Knock Raid
Destroy 10 walls or floors in Swords of Sanghelios.
No Witnesses
Destroy the Phantom at the Covenant camp in Reunion on Heroic difficulty.
Off to the Races
Complete 5 Breakout matchmade games.
Old Bones
Complete Mission 9.
On My Mark
Simultaneously Assassinate two Elites in Blue Team co
One for All
Complete any co
Preying Mantis
Complete Swords of Sanghelios co
Prison Break
Simultaneously kill two Wardens in The Breaking on Heroic difficulty.
Raise Your Banner
Change your Emblem in the Spartan ID card.
Complete Mission 13.
Rolling Thunder
Operate four different vehicles at once in Mission 13 on Heroic difficulty.
Roots of the Earth
Complete Mission 4.
Keep 6 miners alive at the elevator in Evacuation on Heroic difficulty.
Complete Mission 15.
Shoot from the Hip
Complete Glassed co
Spartan Decimation
Complete 5 Slayer matchmade games.
Stolen Gauntlet
Complete Mission 5.
Complete Mission 11.
Complete Mission 8.
Take a Hike
Traverse the canyon in Reunion without a Phaeton on Heroic difficulty.
Tank Still Beats Everything
Finish the 13th mission without losing the Scorpion on Legendary difficulty.
Together Again
Complete Mission 7.
Top of the Food Chain
Kill a Warzone Legendary Boss.
Valor Recognized
Qualify for a Competitive Skill Rating.
Waiting on You
Kill an enemy that's had its armor repaired in Unconfirmed.
Win a match on the three original Warzone maps.
Worms Don't Surf
Knock two Hunters into the ocean during the Battle of Sunaion.
Your Style
Change your Spartan's gear in the Spartan Hub.
Your Team is Your Weapon
Command your team of Spartans in Osiris.

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Upcoming Games - WWE 2K16 Creation Suite Trailer Released

A new trailer for WWE 2K16 has been released. This trailer shows ooff the new and improved Creation Suite, as the one from last year was a bit cack. The list of 'Create-A-<insert game item here>' is as follows...


WWE 2K16 is out 27th October 2015 in North America and 30th October 2015 in Europe.

You can order WWE 2K16 from Amazon

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Achievements 4 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt including Hearts of Stone DLC

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is now available and just released is the Hearts of Stone DLC Pack. The trophy list for the game is as follows. The Witcher 3 (Including DLC) consists of 65 Achievements. You can gain all achievements offline, although there is massive patch to download so you will need to go online at some point to improve the game.

I was planning to release an android app for both the achievements on xbox and trophies on ps4, but Google had other ideas and blocked the app from going on the Play store...oh well doh!

A Friend In Need
     Find And Free Dandelion.  
All In
Play Three Hero Cards In One Round Of Gwent And Win The Match.
Armed And Dangerous
Find And Equip All The Elements Of One Set Of Witcher Gear.
Ashes To Ashes
Complete The Contract On Therazane.
Assassin Of Kings
Take Part In The Assassination Of King Radovid.  
Collect The Formulae For  Different Bomb Types.  
Read  Books Journals Or Other Documents.
Brawl Master
Complete All Fistfighting Quests In Velen Skellige And Novigrad.  
Defeat Olaf The Skellige Champion Of Unarmed Combat.
Butcher Of Blaviken
Kill At Least 5 Opponents In Under  Seconds.
Can't Touch This!
Kill 5 Foes In A Fight Without Taking Damage (Except For Toxicity) And Without Using         The Quen Sign.
Card Collector
Acquire All Gwent Cards Available In The Base Version Of The Game.  
Acquire All The Abilities In One Tree.
Environmentally Unfriendly
Kill 50 Opponents Using The Environment (E.G. Swamp Gas Insects Or Objects).
Even Odds
Kill 2 Monsters You Have A Contract On Without Using Signs Potions Mutagens Oils Or       Bombs.  
Family Counselor
Find The Baron'S Wife And Daughter.
Fast And Furious
Win All The Horse Races In The Game.  
Fearless Vampire Slayer
Complete The Contract On Sarasti.
Fiend Or Foe?
Complete The Contract On Morvudd.
Fire In The Hole
Destroy 10 Monster Nests Using Bombs.
Fist Of The South Star
Defeat An Opponent In A Fistfight Without Taking Any Damage.  
Friends With Benefits
Complete The Subplot Involving Keira Metz.
Full Crew
Bring All Possible Allies To Kaer Morhen For The Battle Against The Hunt.  
Geralt And Friends
Win A Round Of Gwent Using Only Neutral Cards.
Geralt: The Professional
Complete All Witcher Contracts.  
Discover 100 Fast Travel Points.
Gwent Master
Defeat Tybalt And Win The Gwent Tournament Held At The Passiflora.  
Humpty Dumpty
Kill 10 Opponents By Knocking Them Off Somewhere High With The Aard Sign.
Kaer Morhen Trained
Perform 10 Effective Counterattacks In A Row Without Getting Hit Or Parrying.
Complete The Subplot About Choosing Skellige'S Ruler.
Let's Cook!
Learn  Potion Formulae.
Lilac And Gooseberries
Find 12 Yennefer Of Vengerberg.
Master Marksman
Kill 50 Human And Nonhuman Opponents By Striking Them In The Head With A                   Crossbow Bolt.
Reach Character Development Level .
Fill All Mutagen Slots.
Help Yennefer Extract Information From Skjall's Body.  
Make An Opponent Suffer From Bleeding Poisoning And Burning Simultaneously. Do This 10  Times.
Passed The Trial
Finish The Game On Any Difficulty.  
Pest Control
Destroy All Monster Nests In The Velen / Novigrad Region Or In Skellige.
Power Overwhelming
Have All Possible Place Of Power Bonuses Active At The Same Time.
Ran The Gauntlet
Finish The Game On The Blood And Broken Bones! Or Death March! Difficulty Levels.  
Complete The Contract On The Shrieker.
Something More
Find Ciri.  
That Is The Evilest Thing…
Ignite The Gas Produced By A Dragon's Dream Bomb Using A Burning Opponent. Do This 10 Times.
The Doppler Effect
Resolve The Doppler Problem In Novigrad.  
The Enemy Of My Enemy
Use The Axii Sign To Force One Opponent To Kill Another. Do This 20 Times.
The King Is Dead
Defeat Eredin.  
Triple Threat
Kill  3 Opponents In One Fight Using 3 Different Methods (Swords Bombs Crossbow             Signs  Etc.).
Walked The Path
Finish The Game On The Death March! Difficulty Level.  
What Was That?
Attack Counter Cast A Sign And Throw A Bomb (In Any Order) In Under 4  Seconds.
Woodland Spirit
Complete The Contract On The Woodland Spirit.  
Visit Tir Ná Lia And Convince Ge'Els To Betray Eredin.

Hearts of Stone DLC Trophies

Can Quit Anytime I Want
Be under the influence of seven potions or decorations at the same time
Curator of Nightmares
Recreate all of Iris' nightmares in the Painted World
I'm Not Kissing That
Kill the prince cursed into a toad
I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool
Collect all available Ofieri armor and horse gear, and at least one Ofieri sword
Killed It
Win a round of gwent with a total strength of at least 187
Let the Good Times Roll!
Participate in all the activities at the wedding
Kill 20 cows
Pacta Sunt Servanda
Finish the Hearts of Stone expansion
Rad Steez, Bro!
Slide downhill uninterrupted for at least 10 seconds
Return to Sender
Kill 3 opponents with their own arrows
Buy all the items put on the block at the Borsodis' Auction House.
When It's Many Against One…
        Provoke all Iris von Everec's Nightmares into fighting you at the same time and defeat           them
Wild Rose Dethorned
Defeat all the fallen knights and loot their campsites

You can order The Witcher 3 from Amazon

Achievements 4 WRC 5 - All 37 Achievements

WRC 5 is released this week (October 16th 2015). The achievement list for the game is as follows. WRC 5 consists of 37 Achievements. As you can see from the list there are some online achievements to earn, which may or not pose a problem, depends how reliable the online is. Total of 1000 gamer points.

Win The Xion Rally Argentina In Career Mode. 
Around The World
Finish At Least One Special Stage In Each Rally In Quick Stage Mode. 
Win The Coates Hire Rally Australia In Career Mode. 
Back In Time
Use The Snapshot For The First Time. 
Beam Me Up Scotty
Respawn Manually For The First Time. 
Bring It On!
Finish A Special Stage Using Tyres That Aren'T Adapted To The Road Surface. 
Win The Rallye De France - Tour De Corse In Career Mode. 
Couch Surfer
Finish A Special Stage In Offline Multiplayer Mode With At Least Two Players. 
Finish All The Special Stages In The Game In Quick Stage Mode. 
Win The Neste Oil Rally Finland In Career Mode. 
First Step
Finish A Junior Season In First Place In Career Mode. 
Win The Adac Rallye Deutschland In Career Mode. 
Looks Good On Your C.V.
Win A Special Stage In Career Mode. 
Repair Your Car For The First Time. 
Win The Rally Guanajuato México In Career Mode. 
Monte Carlo!
Win The Rallye Monte Carlo In Career Mode. 
Online Regular
Finish 10 Special Stages Online. 
Online Tourist
Finish 5 Special Stages Online. 
Online Victory
Win A Special Stage Online. 
Online Visitor
Finish A Special Stage Online. 
Create A Customised Driver. 
Finish In The Top Three In A Special Stage In Career Mode. 
Win The Lotos 72Nd Rally Poland In Career Mode. 
Win The Vodafone Rally De Portugal In Career Mode. 
Rally Driver
Win A Special Stage In Simulation Setting In Any Off-Line Mode. 
Ready At Dawn
Exceed The Repair Time Budget For The First Time. 
Win The Rally Italia Sardegna In Career Mode. 
Second Step...
Finish A Wrc-2 Season In First Place In Career Mode. 
Sign Here
Sign Your First Contract In Career Mode. 
Win The Rallyracc Catalunya-Costa Daurada In Career Mode. 
Tune Your Car For The First Time. 
Win The Rally Sweden In Career Mode. 
Things Are Getting Serious
Sign A Contract With Volkswagen Citroën Hyundai Or M-Sport. 
Win The Wales Rally Gb In Career Mode. 
Well Done!
Win A Special Stage In Quick Stage Mode. 
Win A Special Stage In Any Off-Line Game Mode. 
World Champion!
Finish A Wrc Season In First Place In Career Mode. 

You can order WRC 5 from Amazon